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Joe Libasci

Joe has really turned it up a notch these past few months! He took a leadership role as our treasurer and with his wife, Brent, have taken on a large number of family cases.  Great job Joe! Keep up the good work!


the hope tote project

  • Friday Fest booths raising awareness for our mission
  • Annual golf tournament to raise funds
  • Teaming up with local churches and businesses
  • Year round HOPE TOTE Project; buy one, give one!
  • Establishing a reputable clothing line to help raise funds

Hope in

  • Raising funds for stage 4 brain cancer fighter, Joel Palmer of Melbourne, Florida.
  • Paying for an eye exam for Samantha Rae Reid, colo-rectal cancer fighter.
  • Establishing a Cancer Resource Center in 2015
  • On Social media offering hope and encouragement
Becky Crews

Becky is a local business owner with extensive experience with nonprofits. She makes the perfect addition to the team.

Team Spotlight

Cancer isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round community outreach is so necessary. Devote an evening to volunteering at our Friday Fest Booth, joining our Hope Tote Project, or click below for more ideas.

Locally and eventually nationally, Give A Little Hope is helping cancer affected families find hope. We hope to one day have a local presence in every major city in America. Watching Americans raise funds locally and give those funds locally is our dream.

Our Community Outreach team in Melbourne 

needs your help immediately. We are diving into uncharted waters this year and opening a Cancer Resource Center here in Brevard County.  Find out how you can be a major part of making that happen.

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Work with members in Brevard County, FL and make a difference

Since February of 2013, Give A Little Hope has devoted its time and energy to raising funds for local cancer affected families. Find out how you can contribute to our mission and help those who are in desperate need of hope.


Those in need


fundraising & giving


found in jesus

With your help, we can make a difference in the life of someone receiving treatment for cancer!

How to help

First way:

  • Buy a tote for $20
  • You get one sent to you
  • We send a Hope Tote full of thoughtful goodies to a person 

Second way:

  • Donate any amount of money or items to be placed inside totes
  • We will hand deliver one full to someone getting treatment in Brevard County.
  • For a $200 donation we can give 10 full Hope Totes out!

"You never need a reason to HELP someone"

volunteer of the

MaryCarson Wouters

MaryCarson is (by far) the better half of Randy Wouters. Her ability to see the big picture and handle details is crucial.

Brent Libasci

Board member and in charge of the Hope Totes Project. She's fun, loud and all things southern. Plug your ears when the Redskins score!